Thought-provoking Facts and Frequently Asked Questions About EQITII

The EQITII Foundation is an organization that helps consumers and equally business enterprises to exchange, control and monetize their data. The mission of EQITII Is to provide a secure way for ALL Data to be shared worldwide.

The EQITII Marketplace is a marketplace based upon blockchain and smart contracts where Data Owners market data for sale to data buyers. The EQITII Marketplace is independently run and managed within a foundation structure as an Open Source Community.

Anybody anywhere can join for free. KYC and AML compliance requirements will be enforced.

The EQITII Marketplace will launch live 1Q2019.

There will be a token launch in conjunction with the launch of the EQITII Marketplace to enable data trading. The Token is strictly a utility token that can only be used by users of the EQITII platform.

The foundation is like the Linux Foundation: an open source structure for the marketplace.  We expect a large and diverse community will build on that open structure, but first you must have the structure, so we imagined a more open future for data collaboration, invented the technology, and are launching the foundation for the benefit of our world, freely for all to use.

Tokens can only be used in the EQITII Marketplace. The sole purpose is for exchanging data rights.

The data and associated EQITII Marketplace Economy will be released in a comprehensive report later this fall.

Anti Money Laundering (AML) Requirements and Know-Your-Customer KYC Criteria.

The EQITII Marketplace source code and wallet will be available at the marketplace launch GitHub. A link will be published when the code is made public (1Q2019).

The sole means of transacting on the EQITII Marketplace will be via the EQITII Token.

A seller is a data owner with consented data rights. The buyer Is the counterparty in a smart contract sales transaction for consented data rights.

Yes, as a participant in the marketplace you can be both a seller of consented data, as well as a buyer of consented data.

The EQITII Marketplace and EQITII Foundation never have visibility into your KYC data and do not collect it for any purpose. KYC/AML is managed by a third party and only indication of verification is provided to EQITII. We respect your privacy.

There is no fundamental difference between a consumer, SMB or large enterprise from the marketplace utilization perspective.

Blockchain encryption is managed end-to-end and our unique finger-printing features will ensure rights are managed properly.

The value is determined by the marketplace which is driven by supply and demand.

Our trustless zero-knowledge protocol establishes verification and validation.

Consumers, telecoms, financial services, automotive, health care, smart cities, and many other. The users of the EQITII Marketplace will come from virtually every vertical market and all data sources where there Is a desire to get data visible in a highly secure and controlled fashion. Whether industry, municipality, farm, maritime Individual data, every data source benefits from secure exposure and multifaceted monetization.

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