Data owners get paid.
Data buyers get insights.
Life gets better.

Every day, millions of people exchange data for services. This data provides immense value, but data creators receive no compensation in return.

EQITII empowers people to monetize their data. The platform also makes more data available to more organizations, liberating information once held under lock and key.

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The EQITII Marketplace motivates data creators and buyers

Only authorized parties see data exchanged on the Marketplace. Encrypted transactions, escrow, and zero knowledge verification ensure privacy.

Watermarking and enforced rights keep data secure. There is no centralized data store in the EQITII ecosystem, making data theft virtually impossible.

Data buyers make offers through the Marketplace. Data creators control all data rights and have the power to accept or reject any offer.

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Learn how EQITII is transforming the global exchange of data.

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