The Fair and Open Data Marketplace
Where Owners Have Power

EQITII Foundation

Why EQITII? Because the world deserves an open data marketplace.

Tom Wheeler, Charmain of the board and was Chairman of the Federal
Communication Commission (FCC) from 2013 to 2017

The EQITII Marketplace, will run and be supported by the EQITII Foundation, will implement the Data Marketplace Distributed Blockchain. The EQITII Foundation is committed to the following principles:

  •  THE RIGHT to control the use of data in a secure, private and fairly compensated manner.
  • THE RIGHT to easily trade Data Rights in an efficient and secure manner globally.
  • THE RIGHT to permanent control over Data Rights and immutable records of the use of the data.

The EQITII Foundation governance will be run as an Open Source Foundation with a transparent structure and operating model. The structure will leverage a leading international open source licensing foundation and adheres to clear and transparent bi-laws and operating principles. Establishing the EQITII Foundation in these terms will ensure lasting credibility and security. The leadership is composed of the Board of Directors, the Management Team and the Advisory Board. The EQITII Marketplace Foundation will possess sizeable monetary assets generated by a planned Token Launch. These assets will be directed towards foundation operational investments and market investments to build a large and diverse community of data owners and data buyers. Because the EQITII Marketplace will be free to use, the activities of the Foundation will be funded by EQITII Tokens.

Digital distrust is a problem for culture, economics, and progress. It impacts the whole of humanity. Restoring trust can restore vitality to our world


Data Capitalization = Total Volume x Price.

The proliferation of intelligent devices and sensors means the volume of data is constantly growing. The value of this data is enhanced when it is combined with other data. Thus, as the amount of data that can be related to other data increases, the market capitalization of the data exponentially grows.

When enough related data is aggregated into Big Data engines and combined with developments in technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain and mixed reality, it holds the potential to increase profits, create new products, and preserve resources.

We believe that the he effects of this phenomenon could enable industries, organizations and governments to streamline systems, operate more effectively and efficiently (from Industry 4.0, Smart City, Smart Agriculture, Smart Supply Chain, Smart Health, etc.), and create more personalized and contextualized customer experiences.


Democratizing Data is more than a slogan. It is a controlling belief that the same kind of digital technology that has made data the capital asset of the 21st century can be harnessed to protect and create value for the owners of that data. There are four key components to making this happen:

01. The solution is a global data marketplace.

A platform for trusted data exchange through which individuals and organizations can reclaim the rights to their data and choose to share it securely, privately, easily and efficiently with the parties of their choice — all on their own terms.

02.  Openness.

The true democratization of data is dependent on the right platform. A free, fair and open marketplace suits the needs of all individuals and organizations, regardless of size, wealth and status — while increasing trust, fostering community and rewarding cooperation.

03.  Data is currency.

By creating an open and accessible system for bartering, we will empower data owners to recognize and benefit from the value of the data they generate every day, level the playing field and — through the promise of privacy, security and compensation — encourage participation in the global data revolution.

04.  Eliminating data waste.

One company’s discarded data is another company’s valued asset. Information collected by one organization could be leveraged by others across industry and geography, offering access to previously unattainable data for one party and opening adjacent revenue streams for both. We believe that a global data marketplace is the ideal (and only) system to securely and efficiently make this exchange.

These are the three pillars of data rights

Data belongs to its creators. On the EQITII Marketplace, creators decide how, by whom, and through which means their data is collected. Specifically, they designate the rights they want to release, control how their data is used, and specify the value of their data.

Data owners should feel confident that the data they exchange is secure. EQITII ensures security via:

  • Secure Peer-to-Peer Transactions: Only data owners and approved data buyers can view or use data. If the owner trades data with more than one entity, each channel is encrypted separately.
  • Enforced Rights: Smart contracts enforce data rights and ensure data is used only as owners designate.
  • Watermarking: Data watermarking makes it possible to track data should it ever leave the platform.
  • No Centralized Data Store: Data is not stored anywhere in the platform. A distributed ledger logs only the transaction record and settlement purposes. The only parties that can store data are the data owner and persons or organizations to whom the owner has provided access.

CONTENT FOR COMPENSATION EQITII enables data owners to receive fair compensation for their information. Buyers make offers through the Marketplace. Sellers accept or reject the offers while maintaining control of data rights. There are no transaction fees, and data owners do not share their compensation.

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EQITII Marketplace

Everybody’s data marketplace

EQITII MARKETPLACE is intended to be a secure data exchange managed by the EQITII Marketplace Foundation. Data rights holders that opt to participate in the EQITII Marketplace will be able to do so for free.

The EQITII Marketplace is intended to be an open- source, zero-fee, completely secure network that provides a marketplace for data owners and data buyers to conduct private, traceable transactions for data rights. The Marketplace will be based on blockchain, flexible Smart Contracts leveraging common metadata and data formatting for the purpose of creating a catalog and secure data exchange. It will be the first completely distributed system to manage the transaction of — and compensation for — data rights.

To facilitate this exchange, a new utility token called the EQITII Token, is being developed.

Mike Mulica, CEO



An intuitive, simple-to-use interface.


An unmatched searchable catalog offering an incredible breadth of data. Ease of use minimizes the time it takes to perform a transaction.


Data is never stored and there’s no third-party middleman. Users are authenticated and transactions are anonymous.




Personal information is coercively collected as a condition for receiving service. Other data is siphoned without the consumer’s knowledge. Personal privacy is sold or traded to build market dominance and corporate profit. Individual consumers, each generating small bits of data, has made granular control of that information difficult.

EQITII will offer the ability to control personal information through an easily accessible open market exchange.

People will be empowered to share their data with any interested organization they choose. In addition, because transactions will be secure, there’s no fear of data ending up in the wrong hands or being viewed, touched or misused by a third party. Last, but not least, data owners will be able to profit from the valuable data they generate every day.



There will be tremendous value from the exponential explosion of data created by smart products. Connected sensors, embedded in everything from shipping pallets to jet engines, create an Internet of Things (IoT) whose numbers have already surpassed the total global population. EQITII is creating an open platform to interpret, monetize and leverage this data explosion. According to a recent report by Accenture, “Platforms addressing the need to monetize IoT devices will give birth to IoT data marketplaces. Enabled by blockchain, these marketplaces will facilitate the exchange of IoT data between buyers and sellers, according to a recent report by Accenture potentially unlocking more than $3.6 trillion in value by 2030.”

Companies will be able to purchase data or use the Marketplace as sellers, opening up additional revenue streams that allow them to monetize their data. Likewise, for organizations that already sell or trade data, EQITII will improve the privacy, security and cost-efficiency of the transaction by cutting out the third-party middleman, conducting an equitable exchange through a distributed system that eliminates costly transaction fees.


Personal privacy is a casualty of the data explosion. EQITII is being built on a simple premise: whether it is an individual’s private information, or IoT’s sensor data, the information belongs to its creator who has the right to determine whether and how it is used, and the value created by that usage.


EQITII’s platform is intended to be the most efficient, secure, private and effective compensation vehicle for the sharing and trading of data rights, and the EQITII Marketplace will be designed to facilitate this process, offering easy, efficient and reliable access to data for both individuals and organizations.   

Data owners will be guaranteed privacy, security and compensation. They will maintain control of the data they generate and will have the power to determine where, when, how and by whom their data is used.

Private data will stay private, unless the owner chooses to share it.

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The EQITII Token enables seamless data exchange

By using a token as the means of exchange on the EQITII Marketplace, the Foundation can take advantage of the efficiencies, security and decentralized market models that blockchain offers. and allow the market structure to be decentralized, which decreases costs, increases security, speeds up transactions and makes them more efficient.  

The EQITII Token is a coupon that represents the value of the data being sold. The EQITII platform was architected to specifically shift value from the process of mining (as found in other blockchain networks) to be solely representative of the value of the commodity it represents:  the data being transacted between parties. Because data can be transacted between parties anywhere in the world and across borders, a utility token creates for an efficient means to represent value of the data because it remains independent of exchange rates, impacts of local changes in fiat currency and the costs associated with the use of payment processing service providers.  In short, it allows the platform to have a single representation of value, the actual value of the data being traded.

The distribution of EQITII Tokens will coincide with the launch of the EQITII Marketplace.  The EQITII Tokens will be marketed to a targeted audience of enterprises who are likely to become “Users” of the EQITII Marketplace, which includes the global business-to-business (B2B) market segment, specifically global businesses from vertical markets including healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, banking, transportation and retail.

Back-to-Back Monitoring Systems –Introducing the EQITII Token and the EQITII MSU Structure

Since the EQITII ecosystem is its own economic system, separate of any fiat managed system, it will manage as such – that is, as its own closed ecosystem.  The EQITII ecosystem will have its own, algorithmically controlled monetary policy that operates separately of changes of external fiat currencies.

To achieve this vision, the model has two monetary dimensions: the EQITII Token and the EQITII MSU. 

The EQITII Token

The EQITII Token is the unit of value, that a data trader can purchase using fiat currency from the EQITII Foundation. The EQITII Token enables one to trade within the closed EQITII Token ecosystem.

• Pegged to $ USD

• Matches US Inflation index

• Uncapped volume

• Release based on algorithm mapped to liquidity requirements


The EQITII MSU is the “Minimum Spendable Unit” (MSU) in the EQITTI ecosystem. It is the only way to transact for data.

• Always a fraction of the EQITII Token

• Will never be equal or greater in value then the EQITII Token

• Always transacted in whole increments (like a USD penny)

• # of MSUs will adjust based on price pressure in the ecosystem

• Total # of MSUs per Token will not change the total value of the Tokens in the Wallet (USD)

EQITII Timeline

January 2018
February 2018
April 2018
May 2018
July 2018
August 2018
September 2018
January 2019
February 2019
September 2019
Q.3 2019

Initial blockchain concept complete + Technology/IP consolidation

EQITII Marketplace Foundation founded + Executive team assembled

Exclusive technology license executed + engineering team in place + coding begins

Tom Wheeler named Chairman of the Board + Open Data Rights Manifesto created

White Paper and MVP under NDA + EQITII website launched

Public announcement of advisors + White paper and MVP available to the public

EQITII Token Marketing launch

Expected Foundation Launch

Foundation Founding Members Announced

Consumer and individual marketplace comes online

App launches + B2B marketplace for enterprises comes online

How the System Works

Astenol has been working closely with its economic advisor, The Prysm Group, to create an price stabilization model that minimizes the potential of periodic increasing and decreasing trading volume on the EQITII Marketplace and its effect on the volatility in the value of the EQITII MSU.  While the upside pricing band is controlled by introducing steady supply of tokens into the system. However, the downside pricing band is more difficult to control as there is no central entity which can buy-back tokens.

All data traders will purchase EQITII Tokens from the EQITII Foundation with fiat currency. The EQITII Token is issued as a set of EQITII MSUs equal to the value of the EQITII Tokens that were purchased.  The data transactions then take place using increments of the EQITIII Tokens.

Since the system is designed to function in a decentralized network, the model has implemented an algorithm which is constantly measuring the rise and fall of the demand for data on the platform.  It will automatically adjust the number of EQITII MSU in each EQITII Marketplace wallet up and down as needed to manage and adjust the value, without changing the value of the EQITII Token, which remains pegged to the U.S. dollar (adjusted for inflation). The adjustments in the Equity MSU will occur on an automatic basis, reflecting the need for liquidity equilibrium in the EQITII Marketplace data trading system.  When more substantial liquidity in required in the EQITII Marketplace, the EQITII Foundation will automatically sell additional EQITII Tokens, via the monetary liquidity algorithm, pegged to the US dollar.

The EQITII Foundation will offer block rewards to encourage cooperative behavior on the platform and promote adoption of the EQITII Marketplace.  For example, these block rewards may incentivize verified transactions by highly active data buyers or sellers or provide incentives to buyers and sellers for introducing high-quality data into the EQITII Marketplace.

The economic model for the EQITII Token and MSU monetary policy was created to stimulate the adoption of the EQITII Marketplace by data sellers and data buyers.  To that end, keeping the EQITII Token value stable is a core design feature in the long-term market model for the EQITII Marketplace. To achieve this stability, the following design criteria of the EQITII Token economy has been implemented:

There is no cap on the number of EQITII Tokens the EQITII Foundation can introduce to the Marketplace. This is the first principle of the EQITII economic design.  This principle also deters users from conducting “speculative” trading.

EQITII Tokens will be introduced into the Marketplace based upon the need for liquidity. In other words, the algorithm will introduce additional EQITII Tokens based upon rising economic activity. This paradigm of infinite minting capacity, with additional supply introduced to the marketplace only when additional liquidity is required, is designed to maintain an efficient barter market model. The use of the EQITII MSU acts in a similar fashion to facilitate stability and is especially effective in situations where downward pressure is being placed on the token due to reduced trading volume in the marketplace. This is the second Principle of the EQITII economic design.

The EQITII Token’s price will be permanently pegged to the US dollar at a universally applied daily benchmark. This is the third principle of the EQITII economic design.

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How it works

Transactions in the EQITTI Marketplace are easy, frictionless and secure. The User Journey is represented in these six steps:

The User Journey is represented in these six steps:


Seller advertises the sale of data on the EQITII Marketplace

Interested buyer is matched to an advertised sale through the Marketplace
Price and terms for the transaction are agreed upon and both parties sign a Smart Contract
The tokens required to purchase the data and the information needed to decrypt the data is put into escrow; a time limit for exchange is established

Once the transaction is verified, the tokens are released from escrow and deposited into the seller’s wallet and the data is sent directly from the seller to the buyer over a separate, double encrypted peer-to-peer channel


A record of the transaction between the buyer and the seller is recorded in the distributed ledger

Blockchain & The EQITII Token

By its very nature, a unit of data typically generated via the Internet of Things is small, specific, transactional and time-sensitive. IoT devices themselves, in many cases, have limited processing capabilities and/or storage potential. Because the EQITII platform will be open and free of transaction fees, and given the small size and frequency of transactions, EQITII has devised a new approach to manage consensus, frequency and the speed of each transaction — one designed to ensure scalability to meet the needs of the market in a world of exploding data generation.

EQITII’s system will be designed to accommodate the specific needs of high-volume, enormously scalable and intermittent low-cost transactions, while ensuring privacy, security and compensation for the data rights holder.

The EQITII network will be based on the Hyperledger Sawtooth and has been customized to the needs of an open, public and distributed network. To allow compensation for data exchange, we’re introducing a new utility Token.

Elements of the network

The EQITII Marketplace will be a platform that consists primarily of service peers, or nodes, powered by Hyperledger Sawtooth.

The peer nodes will communicate with client nodes, which in turn may integrate into a DApp (Distributed Application) or be collocated with a peer node and/or accessed via a web browser.

Each node will manage the blockchain, smart contracts and data exchange, as well as communication with a KYC provider.

Solutions for Developers

Developers wishing to build vertical applications for the exchange of data on the EQITII platform will access the functions and services of peer nodes through a set of RESTful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This offers quick and intuitive integration into client nodes.

A set of DApps will be offered at launch.

These will consist of:

  • A Marketplace UI integrated with a wallet application for both Android and iOS for use by consumers who want to sell data.
  • Fully functional, enterprise ready application examples that will be distributed in the Container Image. These application examples can be accessed by though any web browser.

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Data Insights


Value of data: Embracing dark data in healthcare


Value of data: Edge processing may save your life


Value of data: The dawn of the data marketplace

Meet our Team

The EQITII team is a diverse, decorated group of trusted and established experts, entrepreneurs, executives and engineers — all pioneers in their own fields — with combined knowledge and experience across industries and organizations worldwide. With different but complementary backgrounds and specialties, each member brings a unique perspective to EQITII, where they’re united by a shared sense of urgency, an overarching belief in equal rights, and the certainty that democratized data is the future of business and humanity.

Management Team

Larryi Ding

Larryi Ding


Larryi Ding has over twenty years of experience across different industries incl

Shahid Ahmed

Shahid Ahmed

COO & Co-Founder

Shahid has been an advisor to several early-stage firms focused on the telecom,

Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler

Chairman of the Board

Tom Wheeler is a businessman, author, and was Chairman of the Federal Communicat

Larryi Ding

Larryi Ding has over twenty years of experience across different industries including IoT, cloud, mobile financial services, management consulting and semiconductor. Previously Larryi was AVP of Global Alliance Business Development at AT&T leading major cloud partnerships, global enterprise strategy and incubating its AR/VR and Network Edge Computing practices. In 2018 he was featured by CEO Today magazine as one of the most connected people in Silicon Valley. Larryi holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a BS in Engineering with Highest Honors from the University of California at Berkeley.
Shahid Ahmed
COO & Co-Founder

Shahid has been an advisor to several early-stage firms focused on the telecom, IoT and digital sectors and has helped entrepreneurs turn innovative ideas into world-class companies. Shahid was previously a Partner at PwC, where he was responsible for several digital practices, including Emerging Technologies, IoT and Data & Analytics. Prior to joining PwC, Shahid was a Managing Director with Accenture, responsible for Accenture’s North America Telecommunications $1B+ business. He was with Accenture for almost 20 years serving some of the largest companies in the world. In February 2011, Shahid was appointed as an Advisor to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), advising on technology issues facing the United States. Shahid is also a Visiting Professor at Northwestern University teaching a course on Industrial Internet of Things.
Tom Wheeler
Chairman of the Board

Tom Wheeler is a businessman, author, and was Chairman of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) from 2013 to 2017. He is the only person to be selected to both the Cable Television Hall of Fame and the Wireless Hall of Fame. He is CEO of the Shiloh Group, a strategy development and private investment company specializing in telecommunications services. He co-founded SmartBrief, the Internet’s largest curated information service for vertical markets. He is the former Chairman and President of the National Archives Foundation, and a former board member of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Presently, he is a Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and a Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.

*The EQITII Foundation will decide on a permanent organizational and human resources strategy after the official launch.

Advisory Board

Mike Mulica

Mike Mulica


Mike’s stewardship of companies in emerging technologies has ushered in new la

Amyn Gillani

Amyn Gillani


Amyn Gillani is the CEO at Talos Digital, which is a team of professional softwa

Michael Luna

Michael Luna


Michael Luna is a prolific inventor who holds or is named on more than 94 issued

Mike Mulica

Mike’s stewardship of companies in emerging technologies has ushered in new large global markets that have changed the way the world works. Mike’s role in early mobile industry brought billions in revenue to Tandem Computers via the introduction of Intelligent Networking into the mobile industry, creating the basis for the global mobile network. Mike then focused on the Mobile Internet, leading to global market share dominance and billions in revenue. Following Mike’s role in pioneering the Mobile Internet we know today, he led the introduction of the Cloud to the mobile industry, creating the Mobile Cloud used by Verizon and many other mobile operators throughout the world. Most recently, Mike led the introduction of Low Power IOT as the CEO of Actility, driving global adoption and market share dominance, of this disruptive new dimension of the IOT. Mike has a BS in Finance from Marquette University, as well as, Certificate in International Business from the University of Copenhagen and an M.B.A. from Northwestern’s Kellogg School.
Amyn Gillani

Amyn Gillani is the CEO at Talos Digital, which is a team of professional software developers that partners with agencies and other businesses to provide consulting and development on their software products. He is also a Mentor at The Founder Institute and Business France, and is a Contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine. Amyn has over 20 years of extensive experience in IT technologies, including databases, web development and mobile application development.
Michael Luna

Michael Luna is a prolific inventor who holds or is named on more than 94 issued US patents (as well as hundreds of pending applications). Michael served in the US Navy as an Interior Communications Electrician in the Naval Nuclear Power Program and has held CTO positions at multiple technology companies — Openwave Systems Inc., SEVEN Networks and Jawbone, to name a few —in fields ranging from biomedicine to telecoms to consumer electronics. He is currently CTO for Jawbone Health Hub.


Talos Enterprise Blockchain

Talos Enterprise Blockchain


With years of experience, Talos Enterprise Blockchain advisors have been and are

Talos Enterprise Blockchain

With years of experience, Talos Enterprise Blockchain advisors have been and are in the vanguard of this space. From the drawing board to delivery, our specialists will guide you along each stage of your blockchain journey.

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