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The EQITII Token enables seamless data exchange

By using a token as the means of exchange on the EQITII Marketplace, the Foundation can take advantage of the efficiencies, security and decentralized market models that blockchain offers. and allow the market structure to be decentralized, which decreases costs, increases security, speeds up transactions and makes them more efficient.  

The EQITII Token is a coupon that represents the value of the data being sold. The EQITII platform was architected to specifically shift value from the process of mining (as found in other blockchain networks) to be solely representative of the value of the commodity it represents:  the data being transacted between parties. Because data can be transacted between parties anywhere in the world and across borders, a utility token creates for an efficient means to represent value of the data because it remains independent of exchange rates, impacts of local changes in fiat currency and the costs associated with the use of payment processing service providers.  In short, it allows the platform to have a single representation of value, the actual value of the data being traded.

The distribution of EQITII Tokens will coincide with the launch of the EQITII Marketplace.  The EQITII Tokens will be marketed to a targeted audience of enterprises who are likely to become “Users” of the EQITII Marketplace, which includes the global business-to-business (B2B) market segment, specifically global businesses from vertical markets including healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, banking, transportation and retail.

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Introducing the EQITII Token and the EQITII MSU Structure

Since the EQITII ecosystem is its own economic system, separate of any fiat managed system, it will manage as such – that is, as its own closed ecosystem.  The EQITII ecosystem will have its own, algorithmically controlled monetary policy that operates separately of changes of external fiat currencies.

To achieve this vision, the model has two monetary dimensions: the EQITII Token and the EQITII MSU. 

The EQITII Token 

The EQITII Token is the unit of value, that a data trader can purchase using fiat currency from the EQITII Foundation. The EQITII Token enables one to trade within the closed EQITII Token ecosystem.
• Pegged to $ USD
• Matches US Inflation index
• Uncapped volume
• Release based on algorithm mapped to liquidity requirements


The EQITII MSU is the “Minimum Spendable Unit” (MSU) in the EQITTI ecosystem. It is the only way to transact for data.
• Always a fraction of the EQITII Token
• Will never be equal or greater in value then the EQITII Token
• Always transacted in whole increments (like a USD penny)
• # of MSUs will adjust based on price pressure in the ecosystem
• Total # of MSUs per Token will not change the total value of the Tokens in the Wallet (USD)

How the System Works

Astenol has been working closely with its economic advisor, The Prysm Group, to create an price stabilization model that minimizes the potential of periodic increasing and decreasing trading volume on the EQITII Marketplace and its effect on the volatility in the value of the EQITII MSU.  While the upside pricing band is controlled by introducing steady supply of tokens into the system. However, the downside pricing band is more difficult to control as there is no central entity which can buy-back tokens.

All data traders will purchase EQITII Tokens from the EQITII Foundation with fiat currency. The EQITII Token is issued as a set of EQITII MSUs equal to the value of the EQITII Tokens that were purchased.  The data transactions then take place using increments of the EQITIII Tokens.

Since the system is designed to function in a decentralized network, the model has implemented an algorithm which is constantly measuring the rise and fall of the demand for data on the platform.  It will automatically adjust the number of EQITII MSU in each EQITII Marketplace wallet up and down as needed to manage and adjust the value, without changing the value of the EQITII Token, which remains pegged to the U.S. dollar (adjusted for inflation). The adjustments in the Equity MSU will occur on an automatic basis, reflecting the need for liquidity equilibrium in the EQITII Marketplace data trading system.  When more substantial liquidity in required in the EQITII Marketplace, the EQITII Foundation will automatically sell additional EQITII Tokens, via the monetary liquidity algorithm, pegged to the US dollar.

The EQITII Foundation will offer block rewards to encourage cooperative behavior on the platform and promote adoption of the EQITII Marketplace.  For example, these block rewards may incentivize verified transactions by highly active data buyers or sellers or provide incentives to buyers and sellers for introducing high-quality data into the EQITII Marketplace.

The economic model for the EQITII Token and MSU monetary policy was created to stimulate the adoption of the EQITII Marketplace by data sellers and data buyers.  To that end, keeping the EQITII Token value stable is a core design feature in the long-term market model for the EQITII Marketplace. To achieve this stability, the following design criteria of the EQITII Token economy has been implemented:

There is no cap on the number of EQITII Tokens the EQITII Foundation can introduce to the Marketplace. This is the first principle of the EQITII economic design.  This principle also deters users from conducting “speculative” trading.

EQITII Tokens will be introduced into the Marketplace based upon the need for liquidity. In other words, the algorithm will introduce additional EQITII Tokens based upon rising economic activity. This paradigm of infinite minting capacity, with additional supply introduced to the marketplace only when additional liquidity is required, is designed to maintain an efficient barter market model. The use of the EQITII MSU acts in a similar fashion to facilitate stability and is especially effective in situations where downward pressure is being placed on the token due to reduced trading volume in the marketplace. This is the second Principle of the EQITII economic design.

The EQITII Token’s price will be permanently pegged to the US dollar at a universally applied daily benchmark. This is the third principle of the EQITII economic design.

In early September we launched the EQITII Foundation (EF). The capitalization of EQITII to date has been supported by its founders.

In the following months our attention will be focused on introducing the commercial version of the EQITII Marketplace and launching live in conjunction with the EQITII Foundation’s Token Launch.

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