EQITII Marketplace

A data marketplace that’s seamless, searchable, and secure

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EQITII MARKETPLACE is intended to be a secure data exchange managed by the EQITII Marketplace Foundation. Data rights holders that opt to participate in the EQITII Marketplace will be able to do so for free.

The EQITII Marketplace is intended to be an open- source, zero-fee, completely secure network that provides a marketplace for data owners and data buyers to conduct private, traceable transactions for data rights. The Marketplace will be based on blockchain, flexible Smart Contracts leveraging common metadata and data formatting for the purpose of creating a catalog and secure data exchange. It will be the first completely distributed system to manage the transaction of — and compensation for — data rights.

In the EQITII Marketplace, individuals and businesses will be able to engage in the private, secure exchange of data rights.

To facilitate this exchange, a new utility token called the EQITII Token, is being developed.

The EQITII Marketplace democratizes data. Participants never pay fees or release any data rights without authorization – and compensation.



An intuitive, simple-to-use interface.


An unmatched searchable catalog offering an incredible breadth of data. Ease of use minimizes the time it takes to perform a transaction.


Data is never stored and there’s no third-party middleman. Users are authenticated and transactions are anonymous.

With the EQITII Marketplace and the EQITII Token, the secure, private exchange of data is fast, easy, and truly democratized.

Benefits for Individuals and Companies


Personal information is coercively collected as a condition for receiving service. Other data is siphoned without the consumer’s knowledge. Personal privacy is sold or traded to build market dominance and corporate profit. Individual consumers, each generating small bits of data, has made granular control of that information difficult.

EQITII will offer the ability to control personal information through an easily accessible open market exchange.

People will be empowered to share their data with any interested organization they choose. In addition, because transactions will be secure, there’s no fear of data ending up in the wrong hands or being viewed, touched or misused by a third party. Last, but not least, data owners will be able to profit from the valuable data they generate every day.


There will be tremendous value from the exponential explosion of data created by smart products. Connected sensors, embedded in everything from shipping pallets to jet engines, create an Internet of Things (IoT) whose numbers have already surpassed the total global population. EQITII is creating an open platform to interpret, monetize and leverage this data explosion. According to a recent report by Accenture, “Platforms addressing the need to monetize IoT devices will give birth to IoT data marketplaces. Enabled by blockchain, these marketplaces will facilitate the exchange of IoT data between buyers and sellers, according to a recent report by Accenture potentially unlocking more than $3.6 trillion in value by 2030.”

Companies will be able to purchase data or use the Marketplace as sellers, opening up additional revenue streams that allow them to monetize their data. Likewise, for organizations that already sell or trade data, EQITII will improve the privacy, security and cost-efficiency of the transaction by cutting out the third-party middleman, conducting an equitable exchange through a distributed system that eliminates costly transaction fees.


Personal privacy is a casualty of the data explosion. EQITII is being built on a simple premise: whether it is an individual’s private information, or IoT’s sensor data, the information belongs to its creator who has the right to determine whether and how it is used, and the value created by that usage.



EQITII’s platform is intended to be the most efficient, secure, private and effective compensation vehicle for the sharing and trading of data rights, and the EQITII Marketplace will be designed to facilitate this process, offering easy, efficient and reliable access to data for both individuals and organizations.


Data owners will be guaranteed privacy, security and compensation. They will maintain control of the data they generate and will have the power to determine where, when, how and by whom their data is used.


Private data will stay private, unless the owner chooses to share it.