EQITII Foundation

EQITII will Operate as an Independent Foundation.

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EQITII Foundation

The EQITII Marketplace, will run and be supported by the EQITII Foundation, will implement the Data Marketplace Distributed Blockchain. The EQITII Foundation is committed to the following principles:

  • THE RIGHT to control the use of data in a secure, private and fairly compensated  manner
  • THE RIGHT to easily trade Data Rights in an efficient and secure manner globally
  • THE RIGHT to permanent control over Data Rights and immutable records of the use of the data

The EQITII Foundation governance will be run as an Open Source Foundation with a transparent structure and operating model. The structure will leverage a leading international open source licensing foundation and adheres to clear and transparent bi-laws and operating principles. Establishing the EQITII Foundation in these terms will ensure lasting credibility and security.

The leadership is composed of the Board of Directors, the Management Team and the Advisory Board.

The EQITII Marketplace Foundation will possess sizeable monetary assets generated by a planned Token Launch. These assets will be directed towards foundation operational investments and market investments to build a large and diverse community of data owners and data buyers.

Because the EQITII Marketplace will be free to use, the activities of the Foundation will be funded by EQITII Tokens.



Access, interpret, and leverage new data. The EQITII platform gives companies a way to unlock the data generated operational equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors/devices, and everyday human behavior.


Protect privacy and monetize data. Selling data on the EQITII Marketplace gives people control of their information. Data creators decide who gets access to their data – and at what price.


Buy and sell data on a fair and open market. EQITII allows companies and individuals to exchange data via secure transactions. People maintain data rights. Companies get the data they need to innovate.

Digital distrust is a problem for culture, economics, and progress. It impacts the whole of humanity. Restoring trust can restore vitality to our world.

Data Capitalization = Total Volume x Price.

The proliferation of intelligent devices and sensors means the volume of data is constantly growing. The value of this data is enhanced when it is combined with other data. Thus, as the amount of data that can be related to other data increases, the market capitalization of the data exponentially grows.

When enough related data is aggregated into Big Data engines and combined with developments in technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, automation, blockchain and mixed reality, it holds the potential to increase profits, create new products, and preserve resources.

We believe that the he effects of this phenomenon could enable industries, organizations and governments to streamline systems, operate more effectively and efficiently (from Industry 4.0, Smart City, Smart Agriculture, Smart Supply Chain, Smart Health, etc.), and create more personalized and contextualized customer experiences.

Data is essential for preserving our ways of life.

Democratizing Data is more than a slogan.

It is a controlling belief that the same kind of digital technology that has made data the capital asset of the 21st century can be harnessed to protect and create value for the owners of that data. There are four key components to making this happen:

The solution is a global data marketplace.

A platform for trusted data exchange through which individuals and organizations can reclaim the rights to their data and choose to share it securely, privately, easily and efficiently with the parties of their choice — all on their own terms.


The true democratization of data is dependent on the right platform. A free, fair and open marketplace suits the needs of all individuals and organizations, regardless of size, wealth and status — while increasing trust, fostering community and rewarding cooperation.

Data is currency.

By creating an open and accessible system for bartering, we will empower data owners to recognize and benefit from the value of the data they generate every day, level the playing field and — through the promise of privacy, security and compensation — encourage participation in the global data revolution.

Eliminating data waste.

One company’s discarded data is another company’s valued asset. Information collected by one organization could be leveraged by others across industry and geography, offering access to previously unattainable data for one party and opening adjacent revenue streams for both. We believe that a global data marketplace is the ideal (and only) system to securely and efficiently make this exchange.


EQITII was founded in February 2018 by a collective of experienced technologists, business leaders and industry experts determined to pioneer a global solution for democratizing data.

EQITII guarantees the rights of the data owner to privacy, security and compensation.

The organization is built on the following principles:

  • Empower data rights owners to regain control of their data in order to help humanity organize for the future.
  • Provide an open and equitable platform for data rights holders to share and exchange data around the world.
  • Create a transparent and fair framework to monetize data being lost to lack of application.

With the emergence of new tools and technology, we can now exchange data rights in a way that’s completely free and transparent, democratized and fairly distributed. EQITII is enabling this revolution through a first-ofits-kind framework designed to support secure data commerce on a global scale.

These are the three pillars of data rights

Data belongs to its creators. On the EQITII Marketplace, creators decide how, by whom, and through which means their data is collected. Specifically, they designate the rights they want to release, control how their data is used, and specify the value of their data.

Data owners should feel confident that the data they exchange is secure. EQITII ensures security via:

  • Secure Peer-to-Peer Transactions: Only data owners and approved data buyers can view or use data. If the owner trades data with more than one entity, each channel is encrypted separately.
  • Enforced Rights: Smart contracts enforce data rights and ensure data is used only as owners designate.
  • Watermarking: Data watermarking makes it possible to track data should it ever leave the platform.
  • No Centralized Data Store: Data is not stored anywhere in the platform. A distributed ledger logs only the transaction record and settlement purposes. The only parties that can store data are the data owner and persons or organizations to whom the owner has provided access.

EQITII enables data owners to receive fair compensation for their information. Buyers make offers through the Marketplace. Sellers accept or reject the offers while maintaining control of data rights. There are no transaction fees, and data owners do not share their compensation.