Token Launch

The technology is here. Society is ready. EQITII’s model is in place.

Eqitii Utility Token Data Marketplace

The EQITII Token allows buyers and sellers to engage in seamless transactions.

The EQITII Token enables seamless data exchange

Marketplace participants need a mechanism for the barter and exchange of data and data rights. The EQITII Token, in conjunction with our blockchain network, makes that exchange possible.

An Ethereum compatible token compliant with the ERC20 standard, EQITII Tokens can only be used on the EQITII Marketplace. Using EQITII Tokens, buyers will be able to make international purchases without worrying about exchange rates or transaction fees.

EQITII Tokens are minted, not mined. Minting removes the “work” value of digital currency. As a result, the value of EQITII Tokens are determined by the service they provide and the commodity they represent on the blockchain. Minting a fixed number of tokens with an infinite amount of data differs from the methodologies that drive many other digital currencies today.

Thanks to minting, EQITII Tokens can truly represent the value of data being brought to market.

At the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), EQITII Tokens minted and staged for market entry. EQITII Token has been officially recognized by the Central Bank of Uruguay, making it the first and only digital currency in the world endorsed by a country’s central bank.

Founded in February 2018, we are an independent foundation.

The EQITII Marketplace Foundation operates the EQITII Marketplace, an open, global platform where individuals and companies exchange data. We believe in:

THE RIGHT to control the use of data in a secure, private, and fairly compensated manner

THE RIGHT to easily trade Data Rights in an efficient and secure manner globally

THE RIGHT to permanent control over Data Rights and immutable records of the use of the data

January 2018

Initial blockchain concept complete + Technology/IP consolidation

February 2018

EQITII Marketplace Foundation founded + Executive team assembled

April 2018

Exclusive technology license executed + engineering team in place + coding begins

May 2018

Tom Wheeler named Chairman of the Board + Open Data Rights Manifesto created

July 2018

White Paper and MVP under NDA + EQITII website launched

August 2018

Public announcement of advisors + White paper and MVP available to the public  

September 2018

EQITII Token Marketing launch

December 2018

App launches + B2B marketplace for enterprises comes online

Public Token Launch

May 2019

Multi-user B2B marketplace comes online

September 2019

Consumer and individual marketplace comes online

EQITII, Inc is in the final stages of its launch program.

In early September we will introduce the EQITII Foundation (EF) and the EQITII Marketplace to the world. The capitalization of EQITII to date has been supported by its founders.

Moving into this next and last phase of financing for the company, EQITII will be conducting a Pre-Token Launch in October.

In the months following our attention will be focused on introducing the commercial version of the EQITII Marketplace and launching live in conjunction with the EQITII Foundation’s Token Launch of the EQITII Coin.

Send us a note for more information about either offering.

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