The EQITII Marketplace

A data marketplace that’s seamless, searchable, and secure

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Everybody’s data marketplace

Any individual or organization can exchange data on the EQITII Marketplace

If you’re going to create a data marketplace, buying and selling needs to be easy. On the EQITII Marketplace, it’s dead simple.

As an open source, zero-fee marketplace, EQITII provides a secure network where data owners and data buyers conduct private, traceable transactions for data rights. Based on blockchain technology, smart contracts, and the formatting of common metadata, EQITII makes it easy for users to buy and sell data via a searchable catalog.

EQITII is the first completely distributed system for managing the transactions of – and compensation for – data rights between individuals and corporations.

To facilitate data exchange, users transact with the EQITII Token.

The EQITII Marketplace democratizes data. Participants never pay fees or release any data rights without authorization – and compensation.

These three factors define the EQITII experience:

Seamless User Experience (UX)

An intuitive, simple-to-use interface requires no special training or technical expertise.

Searchable Catalog

An unmatched searchable catalog offers an incredible breadth of data. Ease of use minimizes the time it takes to perform a transaction.

Secure Transactions

Data is never stored and there’s no third-party middleman. Users are authenticated and transactions are anonymous.

With the EQITII Marketplace and the EQITII Token, the secure, private exchange of data is fast, easy, and truly democratized.

Benefits for individuals and corporations

Efficient, secure, and private – the EQITII Marketplace is the world’s most accessible and effective network for trading data rights.

Data owners own their data. They’re guaranteed privacy, security, and compensation. They can profit from the valuable data – the currency – they generate every day. All of their data stays private, unless they choose to share it.

Companies gain access to data that allows them to open new revenue streams, innovate, and grow. By eliminating the third-party middleman, EQITII helps companies engage in cost-efficient transactions.

Thanks to the compensation model, data owners are empowered to share their data with any organization they choose. Transactions are secure, so there’s no fear of data ending up in the wrong hands or being viewed, touched, or misused by a third party.

It’s an equitable exchange through a distributed system that eliminates costly transaction fees.