The EQITII Marketplace Foundation

Why EQITII? Because the world deserves an open data marketplace.

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The Eqitii Foundation

The Foundation is led by global leaders who have made a career of building lasting markets in the technology industry. The combination of the board of Directors, The Executive Leadership and the Advisory Board, represents over a century of professional experience in markets that have scaled globally. This group possesses a unique capacity to build a lasting platform that will usher in the future of data rights consent management. The result will be a true open data rights marketplacethat will enable the efficient trading of consented data.

The EQITII Foundation’s core values are grounded on Openness and Fairness. In this spirit, just as the worldwide community helped transform the Open Source Software market, we believe our Foundation will follow a similar path. Korn Ferry and Goodwin Proctor, our global partners, are helping us achieve this vision. The EQITII Foundation is equipped with a strong team and structure to transform the future of data, always maintaining the highest possible standards of governance, discipline and transparency. This website will have further updates on the Foundation.



Access, interpret, and leverage new data. The EQITII platform gives companies a way to unlock the data generated operational equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors/devices, and everyday human behavior.


Protect privacy and monetize data. Selling data on the EQITII Marketplace gives people control of their information. Data creators decide who gets access to their data – and at what price.


Buy and sell data on a fair and open market. EQITII allows companies and individuals to exchange data via secure transactions. People maintain data rights. Companies get the data they need to innovate.

Digital distrust is a problem for culture, economics, and progress. It impacts the whole of humanity. Restoring trust can restore vitality to our world.

Decentralized. Democratized.

Each day, millions of people generate “little data.” Once aggregated, little data becomes big data.

For companies, big data streamlines systems and increases operational efficiency. For humanity, it helps preserve resources, anticipates and prepare for disasters, and can even be used to cure disease. But big data can only solve these problems when it’s used effectively.

Today, big data is not being used effectively. It’s too centralized, too siloed, and too fragmented.

Technologies like IoT, AI, automation, blockchain, and mixed reality would not be possible without the constant flow of small fragments of little data. However, harvesting that little data is a complex process. Its complexity is compounded by industry, geography, politics, culture, access, and lack of trust.

Addressing these challenges requires cooperation and collaboration. A fair, open, secure data market offers both.

Legacy data business models are coercive, opaque, and rife with friction. Not so on the EQITII Marketplace. Here, data belongs to its creators. It is theirs to share and to monetize. At the same time, organizations can access the data they need to solve business problems, fulfill their missions, and improve our world.

Now is the time to democratize data.

Data is essential for preserving our ways of life.

What does it mean to “democratize” data? 

The same technology that made data the capital asset of the 21st century can and should create value for data creators – the true owners of data. What’s more, they shouldn’t have to pay fees to perform transactions. That’s what it means to democratize data. Making it happen requires the following: 

1. Fairness

Individuals hold the rights to their data. They can choose to share data securely, privately, easily, and efficiently on their own terms and with parties of their choice.

3. Access 

One company’s discarded data is another company’s asset. By providing access to data that others can’t use, EQITII eliminates data waste and enables new revenue streams.

2. Openness

A global, open market empowers all individuals and organizations, regardless of size, wealth, and status. It also increases trust, fosters community, and rewards cooperation.

4. Currency 

Data is more than an asset – it’s acurrency. An open, accessible market empowers data owners to recognize and benefit from the valuable data they generate each day.

These are the three pillars of data rights

Data belongs to its creators. On the EQITII Marketplace, creators decide how, by whom, and through which means their data is collected. Specifically, they designate the rights they want to release, control how their data is used, and specify the value of their data.

Data owners should feel confident that the data they exchange is secure. EQITII ensures security via:

  • Secure Peer-to-Peer Transactions: Only data owners and approved data buyers can view or use data. If the owner trades data with more than one entity, each channel is encrypted separately.
  • Enforced Rights: Smart contracts enforce data rights and ensure data is used only as owners designate.
  • Watermarking: Data watermarking makes it possible to track data should it ever leave the platform.
  • No Centralized Data Store: Data is not stored anywhere in the platform. A distributed ledger logs only the transaction record and settlement purposes. The only parties that can store data are the data owner and persons or organizations to whom the owner has provided access.

EQITII enables data owners to receive fair compensation for their information. Buyers make offers through the Marketplace. Sellers accept or reject the offers while maintaining control of data rights. There are no transaction fees, and data owners do not share their compensation.